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How might we shift our focus from seeking money and status to seeking a simpler, balanced life that is rich with connections to people, community, and environment? Sustainability experts universally agree that we must think in systems, but in practice this is usually hard. We need tools to make it easier.

One tool for enabling this shift is Whole System Mapping.

To get beyond product, you need to expand your perceptions of the world in which you operate. Whole System Mapping allows you to discover and work in the bigger picture of your product, your supply chain, your users, their community, and the environment.

Seeing your whole system and its interconnections allows you to generate innovative ideas more thoroughly and more radically, set clear priorities, and use them to score your new ideas. A system map also allows you and your team to visually communicate complex information. It can also be a foundation for deeper systems thinking analyses & methods. This process enables new insights and ideas by making systems thinking more actionable, concrete, and collaborative—exactly what’s needed to Deliver the Good Life.

If you want to offer your customers a life that is rich with connections to people, community, and environment—The Good Life—you must be able to visualize your systems.

In this mini-course, you will have a chance to explore and experiment with Whole System Mapping and how it can be used for Delivering the Good Life. An exercise at the end of the course allows you to create and leverage your own systems map.

NOTE: This mini-course is an excerpt from or course called Collaborative Product Design ; however, unlike the courses in our program, this mini-course is easy, not graded, and non-interactive — it is just for your benefit! There is no start/end date. You may access any time.

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