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How might we emphasise a focus on seeking a simpler, balanced life that is rich with connections to people, community, and environment?

One tool for enabling this shift is using the Regenerative Systems view.

Regeneration happens at multiple levels: individual, community, and the earth system. All of us are a part of these larger systems. Some of these shared systems are communities of people and others are the environments of economy, environment, and equity.

A common practice for regeneration is to enrich larger systems by “giving back”. For example, regeneration at the individual level may mean spending more time in nature, exploring an area of interest, connecting with a community, or learning mindfulness. At the community level, regeneration could mean contributing to an organization, mentoring a child, or helping with the community garden.

Brand management can play a big role in helping your clients be regenerative. Customers pick products as representative of themselves. How can you see the larger systems that you and your clients are embedded in?

There are two steps to creating a life that is rich with connections. First, we need to see those larger systems by expanding our perceptions.

One way to accomplish this is by Systems mapping—a simple graphical technique that allows exploration of connections between people, the community, and the environment. The second step is to explore potential interconnections between people, community and environment.

Both of these techniques improve perception of the larger systems which provide the resources we need to grow and thrive. Giving back to these larger systems regenerates them, improving the world. Using this technique can results in the kinds of new and emergent insights, ideas, and innovations needed to Deliver the Good Life.

Improving lives so they are rich with connections to people, community, and environment—The Good Life—will be helped by working with a Regenerative Systems viewpoint.

In this mini-course, you will have a chance to explore and experiment with Regenerative Systems and how they can be used for Delivering the Good Life. An exercise at the end of the course allows you to create and leverage your own systems map.

NOTE: This mini-course is an excerpt from or courses called Creative Leadership; however, unlike the courses in our program, this mini-course is easy, not graded, and non-interactive — it is just for your benefit! There is no start/end date. You may access any time.


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