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How might we shift our focus from seeking money and status to seeking a simpler, balanced life that is rich with connections to people, community, and environment?

One way is to take cues from nature—where life is already simpler, balanced, and rich with connections to others, community, and environment—and use Biomimicry for Delivering the Good Life.

Biomimicry allows scientists, engineers, and designers to take cues from nature to find breakthrough solutions, and allows leaders to reinvent the way they run their organizations and the way that they conceive sustainability.

Biomimicry allows us to say “yes” to new possibilities, rather than saying no to the socio-political forces that leave us feeling vulnerable, frustrated, and uncertain about the sustainability of our future.

If we want to engage in a life that is rich with connections to people, community, and environment—The Good Life—we can use take cues from nature by using Biomimicry.

In this mini-course, you will have a chance to explore how biomimicry can be applied to both technologies and organisations and why biomimicry is important for Delivering the Good Life. You will leave with tools you can use to practice biomimicry in your own work.

NOTE: This mini-course is an excerpt from or courses called Creative Leadership; however, unlike the courses in our program, this mini-course is easy, not graded, and non-interactive — it is just for your benefit! There is no start/end date. You may access any time.

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Any time until 20th  June 2020




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Minneapolis College of Art and Design, MA in Sustainable Design program

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