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Having taken this course myself last year, I can very highly recommend it, and also the book on which this course builds, The Systems View of Life, (co-authored with Luigi Luisi, first published in 2014).  Check out a review of this book in the New Scientist here.



Capra Course is a 12-week deep dive into the Systems View of Life, systems thinking, and science & spirituality. It is a synthesis of 30 years of scientist and activist Fritjof Capra’s thinking and research into a conceptual framework integrating the biological, cognitive, ecological and social dimension. This is what Fritjof calls “The Systems View of Life”.

At the core of this new understanding we find a fundamental change of metaphors: from seeing the world as a machine to understanding it as a network. By joining Capra Course you also gain access to a discussion forum where you can speak with Fritjof Capra directly. Fritjof responds to questions and comments daily on the discussion forum.

You will join a growing, life-long global community of systems thinking practitioners and can access special Alumni exclusive materials local Alumni chapter meet ups.

Visit their Website for more information.


27th February to 15th May 2019




Groups of 10 or more get 10% off each. Groups of 20 get 20% off the price.


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