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What if there was a way for companies to keep contact centre agents local, whilst keeping costs down and staff turnover to a minimum? Well, there might just be a way – the virtual contact centre. As of now, traditional centres of this sort require employees to all be in one fixed location, but in a post-pandemic era, a virtual contact centre is useful for organisations to lower capital and operating expenses, while at the same time improving engagement by providing a more personalised experience. A 2020 study determined that $75 billion is lost by businesses annually due to poor customer service and that 86% of customers would be ready to continue a deal if they are able to emotionally connect with the customer service agent, this all but pronounces the need of a virtual contact centre for employees to be able to provide a more tailored experience to each customer.

As such centres are predominantly hosted in clouds, they are versatile, allowing businesses to efficiently scale up or down to meet any change in customer demands. They can scale the technology they possess, as well as staff available without having to think about adding any space or new hardware to their present physical location.

Virtual contact centres are the future as it is cost-effective and flexible to meet customer needs, come join us and learn more as Group Futurista hosts ‘Future of Virtual Contact Centre’.

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15th September 2021




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