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With Fintech companies and start-ups continuing to steal the show by creating outstanding digital innovations and technology-enabled business models, now is the perfect time to reflect on the successes of your endeavours over the past year with the Wealth & Finance FinTech Awards.

The Fintech market has evolved at a rapid pace and continues transforming and innovating the financial services sector in areas such as payments, lending, personal finance and banking to name but a few. Providing safer and more reliable solutions to a myriad of economic institutions and individuals, there is a great deal of work worthy of praise and admiration.

The Fintech Awards, hosted by Wealth & Finance for the third consecutive year, are dedicated to rewarding and recognising the hard work, excellence and creativity of FinTech companies, start-ups, technologies, products and service providers.

We welcome nominations globally, regardless of size or reach of your company, we have categories to cater for all who have displayed outstanding innovations and contributions to the advancement of technology across the sector. From payment innovations to customer experience, data, trading, banking and lending, all areas are covered.

Please note that there is no ceremony for the award as it is a global programme. Instead we use our media platform for promotion – such as press release distributed to our readership, winners directory hosted on our website and we also produce an annual winners magazine. The results go live alongside our winners magazine in June.


Visit their Website for more information.


The announcement of winners will take place on 17th June 2019.




While there  is no event, the organisers offer a 20% off any advertising with their magazine/website, use code WFFINTECH20.


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