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The 7th GoGreen Summit is organised by BioLEAGUES and International Society of Environmental Relationship and Sustainability (ISERS) which is scheduled to be held on 14th – 15th October 2021 in the Philippines. We invite all environmentalists, green earth warriors, nature enthusiasts, meteorologists, professors, Climate scientists and all other Attendees to join at the 7th GoGreen to learn from experts in their community and leave armed with the tools and strategies to make a difference at their organisation.

It will be a notable conference as it will include the concept of environmental science dealing with pollution control, waste treatment, recycling and climate change. This environmental conference intends on this through the spreading of awareness on why it’s imperative that such a change happen the results of failing to implement this alteration, also because the many economic rewards that humanity is bound to gain by collectively seeing to the implementation of this alteration. The 7th GoGreen Summit is a platform to share resources and solutions within a regional economy and connect people working towards similar goals. Our focus is on sustainable systems and practices, which we believe are foundational to the success of individual organisations as well as our cities, states, nations and all over the world

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14th & 15th October 2021


St Giles Makati Hotel, Makati Avenue, Kalayaan Avenue Corner, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines 1210


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