Innovation Events & Activities Around the Globe

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Innovation activities around the globe

Here we are delighted to share information on events, workshops, programmes and courses that are of interest in the context of innovation – in the widest sense. For us innovation requires input from as wide a range as possible, whereby anything to do with design, leadership and sustainability is increasingly critical. We are quite certain that there are many more exciting activities happening in the world of innovation, which is why we would be delighted if you wanted to bring them to our attention!

Also, as media partner for these events I occasionally get one or two free tickets.  While some organisers will only allow someone from the ILF to attend, others allow me to give tickets away freely!  So, if there is an event of particular interest to you, it’s worth checking with me ;-).

We are really excited about this one:

Those who know Bettina know how big the bone is that she has to pick with education – at all levels. This is why she is hugely excited by the following program – and not only because she has the pleasure of being part of it ;-). If you are a leader, if you want to understand what’s needed to thrive in the 21st century – and help others thrive too, go and check it out!!

ShiftShape Club

We love spreading your news

If you are aware about any exciting, innovation-relevant events we’d love to hear from you!  Particularly if you are the organiser and might like to join the growing community of our media partners.  Interested?  Have a look at our Media Partnership Agreement.

Courses & Programmes

Here we list regularly running Executive & Post Graduate Programmes and Courses we believe are helpful in the context of innovation. If you know any more – good ones, ones that are a little different, ones that prepare for the future rather than the past – please let us know!



Master in Business Innovation



Executive Program in Innovation & Business Creation, Unternehmertum Center for Innovation and Business Creation at TUM, Munich

Executive Masters: Innovation Leadership,

Institute of Advanced Executive Education. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

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