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Dr. Bettina von Stamm created Innovators Anonymous as a forum for leaders and decision-makers in organisations explore and embrace the challenges of innovation in a non-competitive and non-selling environment.

Innovation - New Kids on the Block?

The beauty of these events is coming into a high-trust (and non-selling) environment with a highly diverse group of people who all share a passion for innovation, curiosity and an open mind in common. The diversity that is the lifeblood of innovation is certainly represented in our group!

Participants do not only come from very different industries, they build on different professional pathways, have different levels of expertise, and come from different size companies. It is the potent mix of innovation novices (who can ask the all important ‘silly’ questions), innovation enthusiasts (who bring the passion and energy) and innovation experts (who bring the knowledge and experience) that come to Innovators Anonymous that makes this group such a valuable resources for anyone driving innovation in their organisation; it is this mix that offers participants the kind of practical, leading edge knowledge and insights that will enable them to transform and accelerate the innovation journey of their organisation.

Four times a year members of Innovators Anonymous come together to take a close look at innovation-relevant topics – relevant in the widest sense!

This means we have looked at topics such as Idea Management Systems and Open Innovation as well as the Impact of Big Data and Ambiguity – Friend or Foe of Innovation. We spot emerging topics early, and explore them through the innovation lens. Each of these events typically combines:

  • An overview of state-of-the-art knowledge of the event topic, put it into the context of innovation;
  • Case studies, approaches, insights and tools presented by Innovator Anonymous Members as well as invited Guests;
  • Exploration of Tools, Methods or particular Questions in groups or plenary.

We share information and insights. Open minds to new perspectives and life-changing concepts. Help members transform the culture of business through leading edge approaches that make a significant difference.

Dedicated to sharing, clarifying, creating and applying knowledge about innovation, Innovators Anonymous operates in a dynamic, high trust atmosphere that integrates knowledge development and academic insight with practice, real-life experiences and actual case studies.

Newcomers to the group are generally amazed at the degree of openness, honesty, friendliness, and the sincere interest in the concerns of fellow members. That’s what makes us special.

Through our engagements with companies of all sorts and sizes from across the world, we constantly develop new insights into innovation. Share existing knowledge. Exchange ideas. Explore concepts. Formulate strategies. Create new wisdom. And find nuggets that make a real difference.

Please note that if you are someone who is looking for the ‘one right answer or approach’ Innovators Anonymous might not be the group for you …

Like to be inspired by innovation-related events, news and other innovation-related activities ? Then you will enjoy our ‘regular irregular’ mailouts!

Members Past & Present

Exclusive Summary notes

We prepare detailed notes of each meeting where state of the art knowledge is summarised, and presentations are captured in a way that will allow you to share the workshop’s knowledge and insights with colleagues, and re-visit it any time you like. While such write-up are shared with all workshop participants, members and guests alike, beyond that these notes are the prerogative of members of Innovators Anonymous. Members can download all notes created since 2004 via the Members Area.

Members area

Have a look at this years Innovators Anonymous events

The first three of these events are one day (10.00-16.30); the last event of the year is somewhat different, based on the insight that ‘if I hear I forget, if I see I remember, if I do I understand’, this 11⁄2 day event is skewed towards doing and experiencing. All events tend to be held in or around London (for some reason no one seems to challenge a day in London …) and we always aim to match venue to topic.

Here is why our members love being part of Innovators Anonymous

  • We gain great benefit from the Innovation Leadership Forum [Networking Group]. It acts as a trusted network of professional innovators with the added benefit of some academic learning on the subject brought by Bettina. We use it both to learn and share best practice in Innovation and make new connections to accelerate our work in Fundraising Innovation. I’d strongly recommend it as a network for any Innovation team wanting to learn from others in the field.

    Clare CottonVenture Catalyst, Cancer Research UK
  • When a colleague asked me how to go about finding out about innovation I told him there was only one place to start: Bettina and the Innovation Leadership Forum.

    Mark RichardsonVP Research and Technology at Smith & Nephew Wound Management. United Kingdom
  • In a role where one is never supported by those who are supported by the current state of things, it is so empowering to be encouraged by others who strive to sustain critical change. ILF has become more like a family. We have shared in successes and failures across a great diversity of different business models and cultures, and this has brought us close.

    David OvertonInnovation Manager, Ordnance Survey
  • The Innovation Leadership forum is an excellent networking community for sharing ideas about innovation best practice. Marks and Spencer have found membership highly beneficial, stimulating and importantly enjoyable! The extended network of non competing businesses has been invaluable in helping shape innovation strategy and continues to provide stimulus for challenging the business status quo.

    Simon ColbeckHead of Technology, Marks & Spencer
  • I have been a strong participant of the Innovation Leadership Forum Networking Group and have got so much from the members and from discussions and sharing ideas on innovation with Bettina.

    Eric Hobson, Head of Quality and OrganisationRWE Technology

Are you curious? Do you thrive on sharing, experimentation and learning? Then we’re looking for you!

We always encourage those interested in our group to come along to one of our meetings. Another way to get to know us is to host one of our meetings (remember, ideally in London…) or to share your experience, insights, approach on the event topic.

Terms of Engagement

At Innovators Anonymous we don’t quite like rules, so we have agreed some ‘Terms of Engagement’ that help everyone understand how we operate.

1. The Innovators Anonymous Group has two types of membership, Individual, and Corporate. With the former participation in the events and access to the ILF Website is limited to the subscribed member. As a rule, Corporate Members can send any two participants to the meetings (and we all know that rules are there to be broken….) and sign up as many people from their company to have access to the ILF Website as they like.

2. Membership of the Innovators Anonymous Group is based on a 12 months cycle, commencing upon sign-up and is renewed automatically unless three months notice are given. Current rates for Corporate Membership are £7,500 (plus VAT), for Individual Membership £1,000 (plus VAT).

3. While we do not operate a non-competitiveness clause, in the interest of maintaining our culture of high trust, existing members have the right to veto new members.

4. As we are a strictly non-selling environment consultants or consultancies tend to be excluded – though decisions will always be made on an individual basis.

5. Members are generally encouraged to invite non-members to attend one meeting. If our guests like us so much they would like to come back, we’d be delighted to welcome them back – as members.

6. Everything said in the Innovation Leadership Forum Networking Group meetings is confidential – Chatham House Rules and all that. If you would like to use any of the material, please clear this with the relevant party directly.

7. Write-ups of events will be circulated to those who have presented for comment and sign-off before being finalised and shared with the rest of the group.

8. Corporate members may share written summaries or documents widely in their organisation – unless explicitly stated otherwise. Individual members are asked to show a little more restraint.

9. We are all busy; in the spirit of the group, we are sure that signed-up members respond to emails and phone calls of fellow members in a timely manner.

10. Please remember that the ILF is an additional resource to member organisations. We are delighted to help with any questions relevant to innovation. While we do not believe to have all the answers we will do our best to help and/or point you in the right direction.

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