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Autonomous Systems technologies are playing an increasingly important role in our interconnected and digitalised world. The dawn of autonomous systems will have far-reaching consequences for many industry sectors as well as our daily lives. We have now entered an era where replacing human labour by intelligent machines in an ever increasing range of tasks will become one of the biggest challenges for us all – and an opportunity for increased efficiency and cost reduction of yet unknown proportions. Autonomous Systems World 2017 is an international knowledge exchange platform bringing together over 300 top experts in the field on June 14-15 in Berlin, and will provide a unique glimpse into the fascinating world of autonomous robots, intelligent machines and smart technologies.

Main topics in 2017:

• Autonomous systems in an industrial/commercial environment – the technology roadmap to autonomous machines

• Artificial Intelligence and machine-to-machine interaction in an industrial setting

• Big & Smart data, IIoT and (cyber) security

• Sensors, scanning technologies, telematics and geo-positioning systems

• The current hardware and software states of (intelligent) autonomous systems …and many more

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24th & 15th June 2017


Titanic Chaussee Berlin, Germany


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